Young actor's role cast!

Thanks to all the talented young actors (14-20) who applied for a role in 'Breathing Underwater' by Anne Southall. This role has now been cast. Stay tuned to the Hobo's website for future opportunities.


Ribbons by Annie Massey - Update

The Hobos still have their rehearsed play reading of Ribbons by Annie Massey at Edge Galleries in Maldon on hold. It's been postponed a couple of times but we're determined this show will go on and we're hoping to present this highly anticipated play reading in the second half of 2022, when all of the cast and crew are available. Stay tuned. This one will be worth waiting for.

Our next exciting event ...


by Annie Massey

If we can stay out of lockdown for long enough, the Hobos will be presenting a rehearsed play reading of an exciting new play called Ribbons by Annie Massey at EDGE Galleries in Maldon on a date to be advised.

The play is an hour long,  four-hander set in two acts.

There will be a Q and A after the play reading where the audience is asked to give their feedback and ask questions of the actors, director and hopefully the playwright. Annie lives in Canada and will be zooming her into the session.

Ribbons, directed by Rob Jorritsma, features: April Garreffa as Brid, Adeline Johnston as Rose, Peter Bevin as Kit and Lisa Martin as Dianne. 

What's it about?

Ribbons links two stories about belief systems and the tragic consequences of unquestioned faith. In 1950's Ireland, a Celtic goddess and a young girl desperately strike a Faustian bargain. In today's Australia, two damaged strangers reveal their deep trauma in the aftermath of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.


What do we believe? What is the nature of our faith? And who tells us what to believe and monitors our compliance?

Some draw their beliefs from seasons, symbols and the supernatural. Others are obedient to an almighty authority, shored up through ancient scripts, and shrouded in mysteries which we are deemed too imperfect to understand.

Ribbons explores faith, belief, and the power that adults wield over children in the name of those beliefs.

Act One: The Healing Well

Set by a well in the countryside in Kildare, Ireland, in early February in the late 1950s, the play opens with Brid, a Celtic goddess, thousands of years old, speaking to Rose a young girl, determined yet vulnerable, on the cusp of adulthood.

Act Two: The Loud Fence

Set on a city sidewalk in Ballarat, Australia, in mid-summer in the present day, Kit, a man with a bit of an attitude in his mid-40s speaks to Dinah, a woman in her 60s who is eager to engage. She carries a bag of ribbons and a shoulder bag. 


Hobo Playhouse is proud to present a rehearsed playreading of 'Ribbons' by Annie Massey. Pictured here is April Garreffa as Brid. Photo Copyright owned by Simon Dow Photographer

April Garreffa plays Brid

Adeline Johnston plays Rose

Peter Bevin plays Kit

Lisa Martin plays Dinah