An Introduction to Method Acting

Six brave souls turned up for the Hobo's first acting course - An Introduction to Method Acting - in Maldon, Victoria in 2017.

And four of those talented actors were the first graduates later that year. We call them The Fab Four and they still attend classes or keep in touch.

The 2021 Scene Study actors will be presenting a Showcase of monologues and scenes in Castlemaine later in the year. Stay tuned to the website for details.

First graduates: The Fab Four - Elly Krieg, Peter Bevin, David Farrington and Sarah Cody. October, 2017.

Let's Act - Maldon

The word went out in Maldon that an acting course was on offer and in the blink of an eye it was sold out!

Yes, one actor even travelled up from Melbourne every Sunday to do the class.

This talented troupe are back for Scene Study in June 2021 and then it's on to the Showcase of monologues and scenes in Maldon later this year. Keep an eye out for the details.

Improvisation 1: Carolyn and Andrea.

Improvisation 2: Graham and Tricia.

All smiles at Maldon, March 2021 (l-r): Graham, Carol, Carolyn, Tricia, Bernie and Andrea.

Let's Act - Creswick 

The Hobo's latest acting course - Let's Act - started at Creswick Theatre in Central Victoria with a full house of eight, very keen, rather nervous participants in May 2021. (Yes, the maximum number for all classes is eight people.)

Their nerves quickly disappeared when we explored improvisations, the five senses and the Relaxation, Place and Personal Object exercises to name a few.

Watch out for The Hobo's Creswick Showcase at the end of the year! It's going to be a ripper! 

Creswick Hobos May, 2021: (l-r) Darcy, Chloe, Jenni, Miff, Tracey, Lachlan and Jacinta. (Esther absent).

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Jenni and Miff

Tracey and Lachy

Chloe and Jacinta

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