2021 Acting Courses - Key Dates

(Updated October 23, 2021. Please note several dates have changed due to the latest lockdown in Victoria. Online sessions are available.)

Whether you're an experienced actor or someone who has always wanted to give acting a go, Hobo Playhouse has a course for you.

Here are the key dates for 2021 (Covid restrictions permitting for the in-person courses):

Let's Act - An Introduction to Method Acting 

Maldon - February-April  COMPLETED

Creswick - May 3-June 21 COMPLETED

The next Let's Act - Introduction to Method Acting course will be held in early 2022.

Scene Study  

Castlemaine - February- April COMPLETED

Creating a Character

Maldon - June 20-August 8 (extended due to lockdowns) - COMPLETED

Creswick - Mondays 7pm-9.30pm (CANCELLED due to lockdowns) 

Improvisations - Sunday mornings in Castlemaine - next course will be in early 2022.


Let's Act: Introduction to Method Acting

Impulse Acting and Etudes

Let's Nail a Monologue


Method Acting Exercises


About the courses


Let's Act: An Introduction to Method Acting starts on Tuesday September 20 at 7pm-9pm. The course runs for 8 weeks and the total cost is $100 pp. Six places only. BOOKINGS CLOSED.

One-on-one sessions are also available online for actors and budding actors wanting to learn: Impulse Acting and Etudes, Let's Nail a Monologue, Personalisation and Method Acting Exercises. The 1 hour sessions cost $50 each. Book 4 sessions and get 1 free (cost = $150). For further details, call Jeff on 0457 843 551 or email hoboplayhouse@yahoo.com. BOOKINGS NOW OPEN.


All courses run for eight (8) weeks and each session runs between 2-2.5 hours. There are only six (6) places available in each course. The classes are best suited to actors aged 18 years and over.

Let's Act - An Introduction to Method Acting focuses on the priniciples set out by Stanislavski and Strasberg. It includes a range of exercises to expand the actor's five senses, imagination, concentration and emotional recall. Actors also learn a short monologue during the course.

Scene Study is where actors, who have some experience, are given a testing monologue or scene and they work on it until they nail it. The process enables actors to build their characters from scratch by utilising Method exercises, improvisations and character backgrounders.

Creating a Character is a natural progression from Let's Act - An Introduction to Method Acting. Actors explore a character and a monologue in depth using improvisations, character backgrounders and advanced method acting exercises.

Impulse Acting and Etudes is a course where actors learn to tap into their unconscious and use their imagination and impulses to create a character. The emphasis here is on exploring creativity and opening the actor's core or centre.  The overall aim is for actors to 'let go', and immerse themselves in the character. 

Improvisations are a great way to start a Sunday morning and get those creative juices going and it happens by being put on the spot and thinking on your feet. But make sure you're wide awake because the fun sessions also see actors pushed out of their comfort zone with the use of time-outs and surprises. These sessions run for 1-1.5 hours. 

Fees for the Let's Act and Scene Study courses are $160 adults/$140 concession. 

Bookings and enquiries can be made on or after the advised dates (above) by emailing hoboplayhouse@yahoo.com or calling Jeff on 0457 843 551 to reserve your place.